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If you are being sued by a creditor, contact us immediately. We know how overwhelming a lawsuit can feel, which is why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal assistance to help you manage and resolve your case effectively. At SPENT Law Group, our team of top-rated creditor lawsuit defense lawyers is skilled in navigating these challenging situations and is committed to protecting our clients’ rights and interests throughout the process.

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I’m Being Sued by a Debt Collector. What Can I Do?

When you default on a credit card payment, auto loan, medical bill, or any other debt, the creditor can file a lawsuit seeking to collect payment from you. Once you receive notice of the lawsuit, you only have 30 days to respond. Contact us as soon as you receive the lawsuit notice so we can begin working for you.

If you ignore the lawsuit notice, the court can enter a default judgment against you. When this happens, the creditor can garnish your wages, seize bank account, and even place a lien on your property. We will defend you from these unjust practices by legally responding to the bank, credit card company, debt collection agencies, or any other creditor that has filed a lawsuit against you.

How Our Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense Attorneys Protect You

We Start Immediately

When you are being sued by a creditor, every minute counts. SPENT Law Group will begin your defense the moment you retain us. Not only will we respond to the lawsuit, we will work with your creditor to lower your total debt burden.

Negotiating the Debt

If your original creditor is suing you, we are often able to negotiate a favorable debt settlement agreement. The best settlements and monthly payment plans can usually be obtained by fighting the lawsuit as soon as paperwork is filed.

Collection Case Dismissal

If you are being sued by a debt buyer, we may be able to get the case dismissed. The debt buyer has a lot to prove to validate their lawsuit. If we do win the lawsuit on your behalf, the collection agency may be responsible to pay some or all of your legal fees.

Contact Our Experienced Creditor Lawsuit Defense Attorneys

Failing to respond to a debt collection lawsuit can be detrimental to you. If a default judgment is entered, creditors can go after your existing assets and make it harder for you to borrow money and get credit in the future. There is too much at stake for you to do it alone. Contact our offices as soon as you receive any legal paperwork from the court so we can help you.

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