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Debt Relief FAQs

Debt relief can be helpful to individuals that are struggling to keep up with their minimum monthly payments or suffering a financial hardship due to health issues, change in employment, or other personal reasons. In order to successfully lower your debt burden with the SPENT Debt Relief Program you are required to accumulate funds on a regular monthly basis. Your SPENT debt relief team will work with you to customize your monthly deposits based on your budget.

Yes, your credit score will decrease while you are enrolled in our debt relief program. Our focus is to save you money by negotiating settlement on the balance owed.

We will only collect a fee once we negotiate your debt, you approve the settlement, and the first payment is sent to the creditor. SPENT does not get paid until we successfully lower your debt burden.

Creditors have to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If they violate the law while trying to collect payment from you, it is possible to file a legal action against them. Another way to stop creditor harassment is to enroll in the SPENT Debt Relief Program. When you enroll, we contact your creditors and ask them to only contact us moving forward while we build your savings.

Yes. Each time you receive a creditor call, tell the person, “I am now represented by a law firm. You can reach them at 215.402.2024. Please contact them from now on. Do NOT contact me at home or at my work.”

If your financial circumstance have changed (ie. you lost your job), we will work with you to re-evaluate your monthly payment.

The SPENT Debt Relief Program is currently available for residents of Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We are in the process of expanding our services nationwide.

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